Regatta one: fellowship of the lizard

Last weekend was regatta 1 of the Canberra regatta season and also my first time racing with my new club, Komodo. As if that wasn’t a big enough deal, it was also my first regatta as an actual paddler.

I know what you’re thinking … how, in 7 years, does someone avoid paddling? I suppose my other clubs kept me drumming because I was light enough and I enjoyed it. But in this new club everyone does everything so maybe I’ll even learn to sweep soon!

I rocked up to the regatta with my paddle, my yoga mat, and I bag full of clothes … what does a paddler wear? What do they eat? How often to they change out of wet clothes? It’s all completely new for me.

We set up the tent and the configs were released – I was in 7 races! I was in one 2km race (women’s, seat 10) and in 6 x 200m races (Mixed – seat 2/3 and women’s seat 10).

I was so nervous before the 2km race but it flew past! The water was choppy and we started last chasing 2 boats. We managed to overtake one boat and close the gap close enough to push the other boat back into second place! I have never been so exhausted in my life – that 2km race took it out of me completely and I felt so sick after I got off the water but I was elated that I’d done my first race!


Look at me! Seat 10 on the left! Woohoo!

the 200m races were an absolute blur. They were back to back races so I spent most of my time in marshalling and waiting to jump back in the boat. As soon as they started they were over again! The 200m races were over in under 2 minutes and I felt completely wrecked afterwards but honestly I was on such a high by the time I got back to the shore.


Look at that grin. I love this photo so much! It really emphasises how much fun I had on the day and that was pretty much the goal of the day. I’m so glad there was someone documenting the day because it actually captures my first time as a paddler really well!

can you believe it? I’m a paddler now. I will have to do bench marking and training and it’s going to be a very long and hard road leading up to nationals next year but my goal is to paddle my first nationals next year and I have my work cut out for me. Lots of bench testing and erg tests and gym work.

The next regatta is next weekend so be prepared for another update after I hopefully paddle again!

Bring it on!


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