About The Drummer

My name is Rach, and I am trying out for the position of drummer on the Australian Dragonboat team, The Auroras, that is travelling to China next year to compete in the 13th World Dragonboat Championships. Pretty neat, huh? But you knew that already, and you’re at this page because you want to know more about me!

I’ve been dragonboating for about 5 years now, predominantly as a drummer because of my light physique and great voice. It all started when I was at university when a lovely girl called Isabelle (or Iz as we fondly refer to her as) joined one of my group assignments and asked me if I wished to be a part of a team for the uni games. I thought I’d give it a go, hey? Seemed like a bit of a novelty at the time and I literally had no idea the sport would change my life for the better.

Since taking up the sport, I paddled and drummed for the Ice Dragons in Canberra, and represented the ACT twice. Last year I represented Australian for the first time and we went to Canada and came home with two bronze medals to show for our hard work! Now I’ve moved to Melbourne and paddling with the Melbourne Flames and starting the process of trying out for drummer again for the Auroras and the Victorian State team; this time with much fiercer competiton!

Outside of dragonboating, I’m quite a random sort of person – I love getting dressed up and heading out for cocktails on the town, but I also love sitting at home with a good book beside my guinea pig, Caesar. Caesar is basically my best mate. At 6 ½ years old, my guinea pig study buddy at uni has moved all over Australia with me and patiently put up with his fur mum being away for long periods at a time. I own too many dresses, far too much make up, a Super Nintendo and an Orphan Black pop figure I got at Comic Con, so I’m definitely a bit of a mixed bag.

If you really want to know more about me though, the best place to do this is via my personal youtube channel – it has a couple of “Get to know the vlogger” Q&A videos where you will find out random things about me, with a new one on the way too.

Other places you can find my adventure is with my pal, Tim on our YouTube, Facebook and blog called That’s a Paddlin’, where we document life as a dragonboater in full – training, what we eat, what our regattas are like, how many clothes we own and go through, and just what we do about butt chafing …

Onwards and forwards to the next adventure! See you on the water J