Carrum Cup / Resting Drummer Face

Behold: Resting Drummer Face. Similar to Resting Bitch Face, only there are also photos where we’re yelling so we look twice as delightful! RAWR! It’s possibly the most embarrassing photo face to have because it screams “DERP” at the camera.

There’s lots of photos of me sitting in the drummers seat looking down the boat – I think I’m meant to look fierce and serious but mostly I just have Resting Drummer Face (hereafter RDF) and look pissed off at the world. But I’m not! I swear! Mostly I’m just wishing I bought my sunglasses because it’s super bright out there on the water. Other times, I’m just DERP-ing along in my natural state. Ah yes …  The joys of not being photogenic….

Our next regatta coming up is Carrum Cup – About an hour out of Docklands this coming weekend. Our local club has a couple of crews entered which is great and it should be a pretty great day all in all. Weather wise, Melbourne s still can’t make up it’s mind if it’s Spring or Summer, so it’s only going to be a chilly 20C; a change from yesterday’s 34C at training!

Carrum Cup will be the last regatta for the year before we break for Christmas, then the first regatta in 2017 is Falls Creek, which sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend away in January. I’m still getting used to traveling around the countryside for each regatta, because back in Canberra each regatta was held in the same place at the same time. Here, it’s definitely more exciting, and it gives us a lot more experience in racing on different bodies of water which is great for Nationals which are held in a different place each year. We’ll be traveling down the morning of the Carrum Cup regatta, hanging out for the day and competing in 200m and 500m races and hopefully coming away with some bling for the club! 200m races are over before you know it, so I’m looking forward to getting some practice for these races under my belt.

So there you have it! A brief update. I’ll have more for you after this weekends regatta, so stay tuned.

Until then!

Rach x x