Come and Try Day

There’s something nice about spending Saturday and Sunday on the water. I feel so much more relaxed having had some time in the sun and fresh air, with water splashing around me. In addition to this weekend’s training for next weekend’s regatta,  we had out Come and Try day which bought out around 2 boat loads of new paddlers experiencing dragonboating for the first time.

Darren and I took out our boat and taught them the basic tricks of the trade; how to hold a paddle, how to follow the beat of the drum, how to bring power into the boat and the importance on bonding together as a team to work towards a common goal. What was awesome was seeing these 20 nervous people who barely knew each other go from struggling to keep in time, to working together, having a laugh and absolutely kicking ass in under 90 minutes. I feel like Darren and I taught our newbies well!

We lined up our boat with the two other boats and made them do some mini races and our boat cleaned up in all three races, and I couldn’t have been more proud of them. They were nailing the timing, and getting their paddles in the water at a great angle and trying their absolute hardest and just having a super awesome time. Undefeated rookie champions! The two girls stroking our boats were absolute legends. We had a great time chatting and having a laugh and I let them drum on the way back, and it was great having people come up to me afterwards and thank me for a great session and say they had fun. I mean, I had fun, so I was hoping to God they were having an equally as fun time as I was.

Here are some pics from the weekend.



So next weekend is the Battle of the Barwon Regatta and I’m pretty keen for that. We’ll be road tripping to Geelong and like I’ve mentioned before, it’ll be my first regatta in Melbourne and as part of this dragonboat club. I think the guys will do well – All their river runs each Sunday will have helped them immensely and I won’t be slowing them down my attempting to paddle in the boat (read: pass out in the boat) so I’m keen to see how they’ll do. I’ve got quite a big week ahead of me work wise this week so I’m looking forward to unwinding this weekend with a regatta even though the weekend is meant to be absolutely miserable (of course!). Better dig out the rest of my snow gear! I know I say this often, but for someone who has never been to the snow, I own an obscene amount of snow gear. One day I’ll get to the snow. Then I’ll be set!

Until next time!

Rach x